Sophie's story is one of incredible struggle and perseverance, and triumph. Growing up in Daly City, her life was changed forever at nine years old, when she was severely injured. The next two years in the hospital were tough, trying to rehab and cope with her injuries which left her paralyzed.

She went on to persevere and raise two children of her own, as well as her two very young sisters, after her husband, and her mom both passed within a year of each other.

Music has always had a special place in her heart, and has helped her get through many trials in her life. She has always loved to entertain, and bring joy to others. In recent years she became a regular on the local karaoke scene. Her youngest has just gone off to college, and she now has more time to focus on singing.

This beautiful extraordinary woman, with her awesome mobile karaoke system, will roll her way into your heart, as she entertains you with a group of very talented singers during hired out events and also shows you how amazing your voice can sound, singing your favorite songs during local scheduled tavern or party events.


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