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Mark "Frankie" Major

I'm inspired to sing because it's challenging in so many ways, plus frankly my diaphragm muscle is partially paralyzed from my high level SCI injury, so it makes me even more determined to beat it. I'm a little stubborn and doing something crazy is always fun. Unfortunately, the crazy fun is the reason I'm in the wheelchair in the first place, many decades back, but I'll never change. So, I grow up in a rock music dominated Michigan in Northern Detroit area, singing everything rock and roll but my love for this music switched after the death of Sinatra and the newspapers told of him recording over 1,400 songs. I was amazed by his persistence and was touch by his talent and abilities as a singer. When I was trying to find my voice, Frank was it and been crooning ever since then. I have always had a great love for music and especially love the Beatles, Bing, Bennett, Elvis and Tom Jones.

So, in our little group of singer, I am the organizer so I get away with murder and get to sing with more skilled singers then myself. I am the least formally trained, can't read music or play an instrument and a very dyslexic inventor type. I can't put 2 letters together in my head. Still, really I got started in front of people as a fluke singing in an AMD corporate Choir as crazy as it seems for 3 full years we had weekly practice. They just kept putting me out there in front of hundreds of people doing solos during holidays and people loved it and I was hooked, but cheated with hiding lyrics on my lap at times. Karaoke has become my drug since the late 90's, cheating still I guess. Maybe to me, singing is like the dare devil in me that I always have been, it feels like I am cheating death again, being a quadriplegic singer, which is very rare, pushing myself to my limits. Being as independent, as possible, so whatever I still can do, I try to do it well, sometimes on the edge. Even if every performance it is exhausting for me, 'C'est la vie', or as Sinatra sings it, 'That's Life'. Everybody Loves Sinatra Songs, how could I loose even if I am only half as good as Frank was. His songs carry themselves, if you listen and learn from the Chairman of the Board.

    My Top three songs:
  • Night and Day, Sinatra
  • Summer-wind, Sinatra
  • It's Now or Never, Elvis


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