Sophies Soloists

"Sophie's Soloists," is an uplifting, inspiring, "Disability on Wheels," musical partnership.

Every singer in our group has their own, sometimes hidden, disability and “diversity and inclusion” is what our group is all about. Adversity is a part of life and standing tall every day to this challenge makes us all stronger and we must celebrate and inspire others to face the challenge.

So, getting us started, paraplegic, Sophie, had a dream about becoming a local Karaoke Jockey (KJ) after all of her children were grown. Her idea, taking her love for music and getting paid for her passion, would make work seem like play. Then almost instantly after this decision to get serious, she ran into her friend karaoke Crooner nut Mark, himself a quadriplegic, and he wanted partner up. The dream soon evolved, Mark bringing in his highly-talented, professional-level singing friends and put them to work right away singing for a non-profit, him acting as group manager and her in charge of everything KJ related. They formed an eclectic singing troupe, "Sophie's Soloists," for hire to sing and entertain any group that wants a singing experience that you can write home about.

The group of singing entertainers consists of: Aubri "Michael" McCoy, Kristin "Stevie" Hastings, Jeffrey "Luther" Brewster and Mark "Frankie" Major. This charming group performs a wide range of musical styles from R & B, Big Band, Jazz, Classic Rock, and of course, the Great Standards.

If you enjoy the sound of Frank Sinatra, Luther Vandross, Judy Garland, Aretha Franklin, or Michael Jackson, then Sophie's Soloists is the group that you want at your next event. To book Sophie's Soloists, contact Sophie at 650/834-0936, or Mark evenings only 650/279-4545.


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Sophies Soloists